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Our Filters At Your Door Application    


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11512 Robertson Drive Manassas, VA 20109 1-888-559-2207
Membership Application

Your Filter at Your Door membership guarantees that your filter(s) will be delivered on the date that you specified with an e-mail alert both before and after to verify that you did receive your filter(s) and that they were replaced.

Regular filter replacement for your heating and air conditioning equipment can save you hundreds of dollars in yearly energy costs, combined with yearly maintenance by a qualified contractor can save you even more.

NAME: ________________________________________________ DATE___________
ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________
CITY: _____________________________State__________________Zip____________
PHONE # (home) __________________ (work) _______________ (cell) _______________
E-MAIL (home) ______________________________ (work) _______________________

  • Budget Plan: Only $9.95
  • This is our most popular filter with an efficiency up to 90%
  • For $12.95 you can increase your efficiency to a Merv11 rated filter any filter after that $8.95
  • For multiple filters the first filter will be $9.95 then $6.95 or $12.95 and any filter after that $8.95 each.
  • Commercial contracts slightly higher, with or without installation


Filter Size (1) ______________Filter Size (2) ______________ Filter Size (3) _______________

Filter Size (4) ______________Filter Size (5) ______________ Filter Size (6) _______________

Start Delivery date: _________________________________________________________________

Please note 1” filters delivered monthly, 4” filters delivered every 4th month unless noted and will be billed according to scheduled delivery. If you wish to customize your delivery please call Filters at Your Door and we can make all necessary changes (703) 330-5573.

Filter Media customers, depending on your cycle you must purchase your first filter at $39.80, then you will automatically start on the budget plan of $9.95 per month with delivery every 4 months. 
TERMS: Monthly Investment $______________________________________________

Your filter(s) will arrive 1st thru 10th of the month depending on weekend, holiday or inclement weather.
Billing date subject to change due to holiday or weekend and/or discretion of management

  I understand that the monthly fee will continue until a 30 day written notice of termination is received at the corporate office. Allow up to two weeks for termination processing. Term of Contract is for one year. Early termination fee of $39.00 will apply if terminated before one year.

Method of payment (Please complete and sign)

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Account __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Expiration Date Mo____ Yr____

Automatic Checking Account Transfer: ___
I hereby authorize the company (see below) to draft the monthly investment of $_________from my checking accounts

I have enclosed a void check as required to initiate the draft program with my bank.

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